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Foam Happy Foam Party


We bring


Get everyone together with the magic of Foam Parties! It is a sure way to make your event a memorable one.

Our Hypo-allergenic foam is safe for kids and pets. It is also biodegradable and is safe for the environment.

Best part? Clean-up is a breeze.


The First Cannon Foam Party in Indiana!


Safe for


Pet Friendly

Foam Cannon

Covers an area up to 30x30 feet and

up to 5 feet high in minutes!

Can shoot 20-25+ feet high!

Great for Social Distancing.

Great for awesome fun!


Foam Cannon Machine
Foam Party

-Caitlyn, 7 years old

"This is the best birthday ever!!!"


Certified Autism Resource

Foam Happy LLC only carry and use products that have been certified by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.


What to expect

What we need from you


Grounded 3-prong outlet

75 feet from the machine

Water Supply

75 ft from machine


Area at least 20x20 ft

Grass or Pavement

Free of obstructions and holes

Adult Supervision

For events with children

What Foam Happy brings

We arrive 20-30 minutes before the event

The Foam Cannon!

Accessories and Foam Solution included

Sound System for Music

Customized Playlist is available upon request

Beach Balls

Set-up and Takedown

A Trained Person handling equipment

Foam Zone/Safety Signs 


Party Lights and Lasers

Fog Machine

Play me!

ADD A GIFT! - $50

Foam Happy bubbles foam party
Foam Happy party foam party bubbles

Comes with

3 Bubble Blasters

Learn More

Private Party Packages

These packages are for private parties and daycares.

A trained professional will be handling the equipment all throughout the event including set-up and takedown. Up to a maximum of 20 people in the foam at once.

TRAVEL FEE is free for the first 30 miles round trip from Zipcode 46231. It is $2 per mile after that. 

Artboard 11.png


This package brings the best value for your money. An hour of foam, music, and toys! A Foamy Dance Party!

  • 60 minutes Foam Cannon

  • Sound System for Music

  • Beach Balls

Artboard 12.png


Bring in the ultimate Foam Party with 2 hours of crazy foam fun!  Foam Dance Party with toys and longer Cannon time!

  • 120 minutes Foam Cannon

  • Sound System for Music

  • Beach Balls

  • Add more time for $200/hr

Summer Camps, Schools, Libraries and Community Events
Foam Happy Foam Party with kids
  • 60 minutes Foam Cannon

  • Sound System for Music

  • Beach Balls

  • Safety Signs

  • Foam Crew managing Equipment

This package is designed to accommodate larger events.

$650 for 2 hours

TRAVEL FEE is free for the first 40 miles round trip from Zipcode 46231. It is $2 per mile after that. 

Extend your foam party for $250 more per 1 hour added.

Community Events
Fairs and Festivals Logo.png

Looking to add excitement to your fairs and festivals?

Make them unforgettable with a fun and unique foamy dance party!

Night Events

This package is perfect for adult and teen parties! 

Experience a unique dance party!

  • 60 minutes Foam Cannon

  • Sound System for Music

  • Beach Balls and Games

  • Party Lights and Laser Lights

  • Fog Machine

Play me!

Extend your foam party for $250 more per 1 hour added.

Night Party
Doggy Foam Party!

This is a special party package for our furry friends. 

Have you ever seen dogs in foam? They absolutely love it!

Our foam is hypo-allergenic and biodegradable.

Safe for your pets and the environment!

  • 30 minutes of Foam Cannon Fun!

Closeup of a Black Dog
Dog cute foam bubbles

The Ultimate Bubble Station

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of enchantment and joy with Happy Bubbles, the interactive Bubble Party that will leave you in awe. Happy Bubbles guarantees a memorable experience for children and adults alike.


 Contact Us!

Please reach out to us to check availability, questions, or for more information.

Indianapolis, INDIANA

Choose a Package you are interested in.

In light of Covid-19...

The cleanest fun you can have with soap is



Why Foam Parties?

It is a safe outdoor experience that will have your guests wanting more!

Clean up is a breeze. 

Our foam dissipates in the sun and is safe for grass.

We are committed to providing fun and safe parties through social distancing and sanitary precautions.We offer a contactless service.

Daycare Foam Party
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