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10 Ideas for a Summer Reading Program at Your Library

  1. Reading Challenges: Create reading challenges for different age groups and offer prizes for completion.

  2. Book Bingo: Create a bingo card with different reading categories, and award prizes for completed cards.

  3. Author Visits: Invite local authors to come and speak about their books and writing process.

  4. Book Clubs: Start book clubs for different age groups and encourage discussion and critical thinking.

  5. Craft Workshops: Host workshops that tie in with the summer reading theme or books, such as book-themed crafts.

  6. Game Days: Plan game days with board games, puzzles, and other activities related to books and reading.

  7. Summer Reading Kickoff Party: Start the summer with a fun, educational, and interactive event for families. Foam Parties are a great way to get people involved as it has become the most popular event in libraries last summer

  8. Movie Screenings: Show movies based on popular books and have a discussion after the screening.

  9. Book Swap: Encourage readers to bring in books they have finished and trade them for new books.

  10. Reading Rewards: Offer incentives, such as discounts at local businesses, for meeting reading goals.

By incorporating these ideas into your library's summer reading program, you can encourage children and teens to read, engage with books and literature, and have fun while doing so.

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